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After a year with the 8GB M1 Mac mini, I tested out the 16GB memory upgrade on an M1 MacBook Air

M1 MacBook Air
Running Khroma in the simulator | Image courtesy of author

Like many of you, I spent the last few months waiting for Apple to launch new MacBook Pros (with some of us waiting quite a bit longer). And while the updated laptops delivered all of the long-rumored features, the 14-inch model I had my eye on was revealed to weigh…


Why I didn’t buy the new MacBook Pro after waiting over a year for it to ship

M1 MacBook Pro
Image courtesy of author

I’ve been looking forward to the launch of the 14-inch MacBook Pro for almost two years. Ever since reading MacRumors’ report on an investor note from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo which mentioned that Apple was working on a 14.1-inch MacBook Pro with a mini-LED display. …


Which revolutionary CPU will launch first?

M1X vs Intel 7 Alder Lake graphic
Image courtesy of author

We live in interesting times, at least when it comes to PC processor technology. It seems like everywhere you look companies are joining together in hopes of launching the next great CPU. Google is working with Samsung on its “Whitechapel” SoC in an effort…


The fear and anger that comes with writing apps for the Apple ecosystem

App Store Icons
Image courtesy of author

It’s a fear every iOS app developer knows. An email from Apple’s App Review team that can erase their app from existence. In some cases, these App Store expulsions are warranted. Like the highly publicized fracas between Apple and Epic that started when Epic intentionally and blatantly breached App Store…


Desperately seeking the 14-Inch MacBook Pro

The iPhone 13 in the wild. | Image courtesy of author

I get it. Even though Apple continues to successfully diversify, with both Apple Watch and AirPods each bringing in over $10 billion a year, the iPhone remains the company’s most profitable product. By a wide margin. So I understand that new Macs had to take a back seat to the…

Apple Silicon

The only name that matters is Apple’s

M1X vs M2 graphic
Image courtesy of author

Ever since Apple launched its first M1 Macs last November there’s been debate over what name would be chosen for the next chip in the M-series line. Eventually, the tech press largely settled upon the name M1X, which is why I did a double-take when I saw a Cult of…


Intel follows up its Accelerated event with a slew of Architecture Day announcements

Source: Intel Architecture Day (highlight added by author)

At the Intel Accelerated event in July, the processor company unveiled a new roadmap with an annual cadence of process node technology that ushers in the “angstrom era” of Intel processors (commencing with the “Intel 20A” process…


The work of life is creating a life that works

Memories from a well balanced life
Memories from a well-balanced life

As a voracious reader from the age of seven [“We’re sharing, right?”¹], I came across the quote “Moderation in all things, including moderation,” versions of which have been attributed to Benjamin Franklin, Oscar Wilde, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Socrates. …


Intel’s roadmap promises significant competition to Apple silicon

Apple versus Intel graphic
Image courtesy of author

I’ve been writing about Intel’s new roadmap lately and one common response to the processor company’s planned resurgence is that it just doesn’t matter for Apple’s CPU plans. The same could have been said back in 2005 when Apple was part of the AIM Alliance and building Macs with PowerPC…


Can Apple compete in the angstrom era of semiconductors?

Apple M4 vs Intel 20A graphic
Image courtesy of author

My recent story about Intel’s Process & Packaging webcast seems to have touched a nerve. I haven’t had this much feedback from one of my stories since I wrote about the M1 Mac memory debate (“Who Really Needs 16GB In Their M1 Mac?”). …

Dan Hansen

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